Cyberlights Lighthouses - Chioggia Lighthouse



Faro di Chioggia
Chioggia (near Venice), Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Chioggia Lighthouse

Photo(s) 2002-2005, Egidio Ferrighi

The lighthouse at the Port of Chioggia sits at the southern entrance to the Laguno Veneta (Venice Lagoon).

Directions: map of area

  • This lighthouse can probably only be seen from the water, but here are some directions that might get you close.
  • From Porto Maghera and A4, get onto E55.
  • Take E55 south for 40km and exit onto Via Mediterraneo.
  • Stay on Via Mediterraneo for about 0.75km and take a left onto Madonna Marina.
  • Follow that for about 2km to the end. Not sure how close you are at that point, but it appears to be the closest you can get from land.

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