Isola di S. Giorgio
Cyberlights Lighthouses - Isola di S. Giorgio



Isolo di S. Giorgio
Venice Lagoon,
Venice, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Isola di S. Giorgio

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Last Visited: May, 2006

A few hundred yards on the other side of the lagoon from St. Mark's Square lies the isola di S. Giorgio. Here there is the campanile of the church and monestary of San Giorgio Maggiore. Next to this there is a small marina and on either side of the marina there appears to be two small lighthouses. I haven't been able to find any information about these lighthouses, but while taking one of numerous water buses (or water taxis) you are able to see these two lighthouses.

Directions Click here for 1024x746 image of Waterbus map (153KB)            Click here for 2486 x 1812 image of Waterbus map (1.6MB)

  • Refer to a map of the water bus system to find the best route to take to the isola or to go by the marina and lighthouses. Waterbus #82 stops at Isola S. Giorgio.
  • Higher views can be seen if you climb the campanile (bell tower) in St. Mark's Square.



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