Piave Vecchia
Cyberlights Lighthouses - Piave Vecchia



Piave Vecchia
Lido di Jesolo,
Near Venice, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Piave Vecchia

Photo(s) 2002-2005, Egidio Ferrighi


It is the "Contrada" that defines in the north the municipal territory and stretches out near the mouth of the River Sile, which serves as a boundary with Lido of Jesolo. Here we can find the Gates of Cavallino, the basin of navigation opened in 1632 which is still an important water joint between the lagoon and the Venetian inland, near Friuli, through the rivers and the canals of the region. Here we can also find two renowned wet docks for sports boats, a little fishing port, some of the greatest holiday villages of the Littoral, a yard for the construction of sports boats, farms and refined restaurants. At the mouth of the Sile there is the Lighthouse of Piave Vecchia, which also hosts the offices of the Harbour-Office of Venice. This "Contrada" is called this way because, until the end of the XVII century, it was the mouth of the Piave, which was later diverted from the current "Contrada" making room for the Sile. Its logo reproduces a detail of the Lighthouse.

Source: http://www.palioremiero.it/2002/inglese.htm

Directions:   Click here for 1024x746 image of Waterbus map (153KB)
                        Click here for 2486 x 1812 image of Waterbus map (1.6MB)
                        Local map of section of Lido di Jesolo

  • From Venice you will need to take a water bus to the Punta Sabbioni stop on Lido di Jesolo.
  • Waterbus numbers 12 and 14 stop at Punta Sabbioni. Reference the waterbus maps above for more information or obtain a map while in Venice.
  • Once on Lido di Jesolo, get onto SP42 (which I believe is called Via Roma Destra) and follow it until you get to Fiume Sile (the river called Sile).
  • Just before crossing the river, take a right onto Via Fausta. Follow it to the end. You should see the lighthouse at the mouth of the river.



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