Porto di Ravenna
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Porto di Ravenna
Porto Corsini Molo, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Porto di Ravenna

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From the fall of the Roman Empire down to the last decades, the harbour of Ravenna has considerably changed its appearance and conformation. The current lay-out is partly due to the changes carried out between 1860 and 1871, when the piers were lengthened and the New Dock area was built, thus changing the look of the channel.

In 1863 the lighthouse of Porto Corsini was activated. Designed by Achille Buffoni and built on the right-hand side of the Candiano Channel, it stood where via Garibaldi is today, near what, at the time, was a sandy shore instead.

Originally the lamp worked thanks to a simple and original system: a certain amount of oil fell over a burning plate and caught fire, thus giving out a flash which was reflected and magnified by a lens.

Although the building suffered considerable damage during WWl, it was only in 1935 that the tower was raised, mainly because of the progressive receding of the sea.

Following further damages suffered during WW1I, the lantern was disactivated, also due to the fact that by then it stood too far away from the harbor entrance. In the spring of 1947 the new lighthouse was completed. It was built by the Genio Civile on the shores of Marina di Ravenna (as Porto Corsini had by then been re-named), where it still stands.

The style of the new lighthouse was influenced by the architecture of the Fascist regime. Strongly resembling its predecessor; the new structure also comprises an octagonal tower; 35 meters above sea level, integral to a regular-plan building with two lateral wings.

It is classified as a high block-type structure. The skeleton of the keeper's quarters is facing-brick masonry and the building is covered with a flat terrace roof The tower is coated with white plaster and supports a circular lantern with diagonal astragals.

The lantern has a range of 20 miles. Today it is electrically powered and sends out four rotating beams. The lighthouse can be easily reached from the piers of the harbour channel and also from the town of Marina di Ravenna, of which it is by now an integral part.

The station is fully functional, manned, and in satisfactory condition.

Source: Architecture of Italian Lighthouses, The: Adriatic and Ionian Sea (Volume 1)

  • Although probably only seen by boat, it may be possible to see the lighthouse by land.
  • Get to Porto Corsini Molo. Once there find Viale Delle Nazioni.
  • Take that north to the intersection with Via Quattro Novembre. Turn right.
  • Go to the end then turn left onto Viale Lungomare.
  • Go north again until you get to the intersection with Via Thaon de Revel.
  • Turn right, go to the end, then turn left onto Piazzale Andriatico
  • Follow that to the end and that should be about where the lighthouse is.

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