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Rijeka Lighthouse

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Rijeka Lighthouse

Photo(s) © 2002-2005, Egidio Ferrighi

There are few inhabitants of Croatia let alone foreign guests who experience Rijeka as a tourist city. However, Rijeka can offer much more than you expect. From Trsat and Kastvo, artistic events during tourist season but also throughout the year. There is a possibility of sightseeing a series of historical monuments that are situated in the city, although many are not aware that they are even there. They can be seen following the yellow highway because they are marked by yellow boards and signposts.

Rijeka is a city situated on a river which is a fact that is almost ignored. Even in times of ancient Romans, Rijeka was an attraction due to the quality of its water and its beneficial influence on health. In Rijeka, in 1866 the first torpedo in the world was designed and produced. Rijeka is also famous for its two manifestations: it organises the biggest carnival in Croatia and Fiumanka - the biggest sailing regatta.

Rijeka lacks arranged beaches and instructions how to get there. It lacks hotel infrastructure. Thus, apart from a newly-arranged Hotel Bonavia, there is no other hotel that could be recommended. The fact that Rijeka is a costal town is visible only when Fiumanka takes place or when the space on the waterfront is cleared from cars, which happens occasionally.

The city promenade as the lifeline of the city should in the future be connected to the space by the coast since there are already plans for that.

Source: Tourist Patrol 2002

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I have been unable to find any specific information on this lighthouse. If anyone knows about this lighthouse, please let me know.

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