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We both have been interested in photography for many many years. It wasn't until about 1996 that we first got seriously interested in photography and took our first class. That certainly changes how you think about taking a photograph. No longer does the term "snapshot" apply. Our main photographic interests, if you haven't already figured it out, are lighthouses, nature, landscapes, National Parks, coastal scenes, etc..

But by far our main interest is lighthouses. On our Cyberlights Lighthouses site all the photos of US, Canadian, and Bermuda lighthouses were taken by us. We've seen or visited all of these lighthouses and photograph them ourselves. We've been asked many times if we wanted to use other peoples' photos on our site. We've appreciated all the offers but for the above mentioned locations we'll only use our own photos.

We do, however, use other peoples' photos for European lighthouses. In particular, we exclusively use photos of Italian lighthouses taken by our friend Egidio Ferrighi. We want to thank him for providing us all the photos.

For our other photo interests, they heavily lean towards National Parks. If you visit our main site - - you'll find a link to our National Parks photo albums. Here you'll find photos from the A to Z of National Parks; from Acadia to Zion. There are still MANY more parks to visit but for now we hope you enjoy the photos of the parks we have been to.


All our photos are protected under copyright laws of the United States and other countries who signed at the Berne Copyright Convention of 1989. Any use of our photos without prior permission is prohibited.

However, we are pretty flexible on the use of our photos. One thing that we do hold hard and fast to is that you MUST receive PERMISSION prior to using any photos.

Any sort of fees or agreements can vary depending on who is requesting use of the photos and what the photos will be used for. It can be as simple as credit being listed on a web page to donating to a foundation or charity of our choice. Please contact us to determine the specific requirements.

The two organizations that we hold in high preference for donations to be sent to are:

For Lighthouse Photos

The American Lighthouse Foundation -

For all other Photos

Dana Farber Cancer Institute -


Jimmy Fund -

The Jimmy Fund is a branch of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute that focuses on children with cancer. The Jimmy Fund is the primary charity of the 2004 *AND* 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox. Since 1953 the Red Sox and Jimmy Fund have teamed together to help battle childhood cancer.

In summary, if you're interested in using our photos, the first step would be to contact us, letting us know what photos you're interested in and what you intend to use the photos for.



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