Punta Campanella
Cyberlights Lighthouses - Punta Campanella  

         Cyberlights Lighthouses

Punta Campanella
Sorrento Peninsula
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Punta Campanella

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Last Visited: May, 2001

If you're daring enough to drive to this lighthouse, be very careful! We tried to drive to it but barely had the chance to turn around. The roads leading to this lighthouse are very narrow and winding. And as you get closer the road becomes more overgrown with tree branches, and actually becomes a single lane. Finally, you come to a point where there is a "Do not Enter" sign. Turning around at that point is quite dangerous as on one side there is a cliffside going up and on the other side the cliff goes straight down.

Best bet? Either take long distant shots of it from the boat going from Sorrento to Capri, or park your car back in town and walk the few kilometers to the lighthouse.

Here is some information about the lighthouse obtained from the website of Giovanni Visetti at http://www.giovis.com/Eguide.htm :

Walking the Amalfi coast, you'll pass 50 watchtowers. In medieval times they were used to warn of approaching enemy vessels. There is a tower at Punta Campanella, currently being restored by stonemasons. Beside it stands the stump of the old brick lighthouse, which exploded in the 1960s, after a gas leak.

And here is a link to an up-close picture of Minerva tower and Campanella lighthouse:


  • Obtain a good map of the Sorrento Peninsula!!! In addition, it would be best to ask a local how to get to the "Faro".
  • Leave Sorrento and head towards Termini. In Termini, take a right on a very narrow road. There is a sign for a panoramic point. If you plan on walking, park your car there and follow the road to the end.
  • If you insist on driving, make sure it's a very small car and drive as far as you can and walk the rest.
  • Good luck!

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