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Faro di Cattolica
Cattolica, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Faro di Cattolica

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The lighthouse of Cattolica is situated on the east pier of the harbour to allow safe entrance to the port, that is mostly used by fishermen and tourist boats.

The harbour is situated at the mouth of the "Tavolo " river and is protected by two piers; the beach, overlooked by the Gabicce hill, looks like a smaller version of the inlet of Ancona, which is overlooked by the Conero hill.

In the past this particular location has caused many shipwrecks, even of big ships this was seriously damaged during weather critic conditions.

The lighthouse consists of a steel trellis structure, built on concrete foundations until to 8 meters below sea-level. The base is 3,6 meters high, with a pyramid shape (1,2 meters wide at the bottom and 1 meter wide at the top) and it is made of reinforced concrete. Access to the lighthouse is by a metallic mobile ladder that allows climbing up the base and reaching the trellis structure of the lighthouse.

Access to the four upper levels, which have a pyramid shaped structure, is permitted by a running down central hole. On the upper part of the lighthouse there is the light equipment, surrounded by a circular balcony with a metal railings parapet.

Standard maintenance consists of regular application of a protective painting to the external surfaces, which have a black and white bands painting.

The maintenance of the light device is regularly checked by the lighthouse keeper.

The lighthouse has an electric projection device, with a fixed optics; it emits a Morse code message based on a white flash with a period of fourteen seconds. The lighthouse is currently operational, in a good state and guarded.

Source: Architecture of Italian Lighthouses, The: Adriatic and Ionian Sea (Volume 1)

  • Take A14 to SP17 in Cattolica. Head North/northeast to the coast. Once there ask for directions to the lighthouse.

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