Faro di Rimini
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Faro di Rimini
Rimini, Italy

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Faro di Rimini

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The lighthouse of Rimini stands south of the entrance to the channel-harbor, on the east bank, facing what by now could be referred to as the mercantile part of the harbour.

The building, as it is today dates back to 1862, when it was built by the Genio Civile, although it seems the original tower had been erected by arch. Vanvitelli in 1733 and completed in 1754 by Buonamici, who wanted it to act also as a fort and a watch tower against the Turks.

It is a medium block-type lighthouse. A pyramidal frustum constitutes the base of the tower. The octagonal tower, attached to the keeper's quarters building, rises from the balcony at the top of the frustum.

The keeper's quarters consist of a two-story building with rectangular plan and a pitched roof covered with bent tiles.

The skeleton is stone masonry with white plastering. The tower could nearly be considered a stand-alone structure, had it not been directly joined to the keeper's quarters via a passage placed on the first floor.

Five internal levels lead up to the lantern deck. As a consequence of the angular section of the tower, communication between the five levels cannot be provided by a single spiral staircase but requires several flights of stairs instead. Externally the tower is divided into two main levels by two balconies with superbly-finished stone parapets.

The first one is placed on the first floor at a height of 5.25 meters and marks the border with the wider frustum-base. The second is placed at a height of 20 meters, right below the lantern deck, and has a smaller section.

The lantern is set at the height of 25 meters. It is circular in plan, with a diameter of approx. 2 meters, a frame of diagonal bronze astragals, and T2-type optics (second order).

At present the lighthouse is working, manned, and in good condition.

Source: Architecture of Italian Lighthouses, The: Adriatic and Ionian Sea (Volume 1)

  • Take A14 SS72.
  • Go east on SS72 for 2.1km until you get to the intersection with Viale Ugo Bassi.
  • Turn left on Viale Ugo Bassi.
  • Take that for just under 1km to the intersection with Viale Tripoli. Turn right on Viale Tripoli.
  • Go to the end and turn left onto Lungomare Augusto Murri.
  • According to the GPS cooridinates, (44 04'N, 12 35' E) you should see the lighthouse along the shore to your right.

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