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Newfound Lake Lighthouse
Bridgewater, NH

Cyberlights Lighthouses - Newfound Lake Lighthouse

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Last Visited: June, 2002

Not sure if this was ever a legitimate lighthouse or not. It sits on the eastern shore of Newfound Lake at the Paradise Point Lodge.

We received an email from Robert Simoneau with some real interesting information. I hope he's ok with me publishing his email here:

Greetings, I was doing a search of Newfound Lake, and came across this site. If I am correct, I think I can answer a couple of answers about the "Newfound Lake Light." If I am not mistaken (and I'm pretty sure on this point) I have footage of this lighthouse being built.

You see, my uncle, Philip Simoneau, had a camp on Newfound Lake where we would go each summer. He decided to put a lighthouse on the beach. (It never truly was a functioning lighthouse.) The lighthouse that is pictured looks eerily familiar. Uncle Phil's lighthouse was built around 1966 or 67. My older brother did much of the work, along with Uncle Phil, my Dad, and many of the other "regulars". (My brother drove the tractor that moved the sand and cleared the way for the lighthouse.)

The camp had a large "main house" made of field stone,(My Uncle and his immediate family stayed there.) several cottages, both on the lake shore and facing the house. The beachfront cottages had names like "The Chipmonk,"(The one my family usually stayed in.) "The Beaver," and "The Squirrel." The others had names like "The Moran" (family friends) and the "Stella Marie" (My cousin, Uncle Phil's only child.) Later, a motel was build next to the Big House.

In the mid to late 1970's, when real estate prices were high, as was demand for Vacation Homes, my uncle sold off the campground, one cottage at a time, followed by the motel, and finally the Big House, and retired to Florida.

I haven't been to the lake for many years, but I'm pretty sure that we are talking about the same structure.

Latitude/Longitude: 43.666564,-71.746657

Nearest Address: 1247 Mayhew Turnpike, Bristol, NH

  • From Route 93 take exit 23, Route 104. If coming from the south, take a left on 104. If coming from the north, take a right on Route 104.
  • Stay on Route 104 for 5.8 miles into Bristol.
  • Just past the center of town Route 104 goes to the left. Stay straight and go onto Route 3A.
  • Take Route 3A for about 6.7 miles. Once you go by the Inn on Newfound Lake on the right, Paradise Lodge is about 1/2 mile further on the left. The lighthouse is on the opposite side of the lodge along the shore of the lake.
  • If you get to Hunt Road, on your right, you went too far! :-)

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